Welcome to the home of reformer pilates in düsseldorf

We welcome you to our Düsseldorf studio for Reformer Pilates. Our revolutionary Pilates classes help prevent future injury and increase flexibility and strength. Let yourself be challenged with diversified classes that will build muscle, burn fat and increase your fitness.

Our Pilates Classes

Dynamic Reformer Training

Pilates am Zoo in Düsseldorf

A fusion of functional strength and flexibility training that will strengthen your core, improve your flexibility and prevent injury

High Intensity Reformer Training

Pilates am Zoo in Düsseldorf

A fusion of muscle burning and muscle toning strength, flexibility, cardio, and endurance training that will push you beyond your limits.

Which Pilates class is the most suitable for me?

High Intensity Reformer Training

Our high intensity reformer classes will push you to your physical limits, thereby increasing your aerobic capacity, physical strength, dynamic flexibility and endurance.

Dynamic Reformer Training

Our dynamic reformer classes focuses on mobility, functional stability, core stability, flexibility, strength and posture. Despite being suitable for all fitness levels, these classes are still physically challenging for every participant.

Discover what makes our Pilates Reformer training unique

Our revolutionary Reformer training is the key that will unlock your true physical potential and take your health and fitness to the next level

Train smarter, not longer!

Your time is valuable, we understand that. Due to the dynamic nature of our efficiently designed whole body toning 60 minute classes, you will be feeling and looking great with minimal time outlay.

Benefits of our Reformer Pilates classes in Düsseldorf

What makes our reformer pilates classes so unique?

Classes always take place on reformers which can target muscle groups more specifically and effectively than Pilates mat exercises alone.
All our classes are designed to physically challenge you. This challenge will have you achieving your goals quicker and buzzing with endorphins after every workout.
Our classes are based on injury preventive principles and sports science training approaches, thereby allowing you to improve your fitness whilst simultaneously preventing future injury.
Our classes are a full body workout by blending in the essential elements of strength, cardio and flexibility training into every session.
We will not sign you up for expensive unused memberships. We offer 1, 5, 10 and 25 class packages.
With an ever growing array of different class times and days becoming available, you will find a class time that perfectly suits you.
We have a maximum of 6 participants per class meaning you will be under the constant guidance from our highly qualified and motivated instructors.
All our instructors have internationally recognized Pilates qualifications and are obliged to undertake external compulsory continued education yearly.
Depending on your aims, we offer the two following Reformer classes:
- High Intensity Reformer Training
- Dynamic Reformer Training