Pilates am Zoo was founded in July 2019 by Australian Osteopath Jarrod Russell after many years using dynamic reformer Pilates for patients as a form of rehabilitation. Working together with Pilates Instructor Eva Engel, Eva and Jarrod have developed a unique and physically demanding whole body Pilates reformer training approach similar to extremely popular Pilates trends witnessed in the UK and Australia. This approach is suitable for people of all ages and abilities to help keep fit, look good and stay injury-free. Eva and Jarrod aim to provide all “Düsseldorfers” the opportunity to transform their health and fitness by adding this highly addictive reformer training approach to their weekly schedule.

Pilates am Zoo in Düsseldorf

Jarrod Russell

Pilates am Zoo founder

Pilates am Zoo in Düsseldorf

Eva Engel

Certified Pilates Reformer Trainer (Polestar Pilates)