Pilates am Zoo
Terms and conditions
Stand 16.08.2021

Pilates am Zoo is entitled to change the terms and conditions with effect in the future at any time. The customer has been informed about changes. Customers will be informed about any potential changes.

Class registration

1) Registration for our classes takes place online via our booking system on our website. Participation in our classes without prior booking is not possible.

2) We offer a 1 class, 5, 10, and 25 class packages.

3) Classes require a minimum of 2 Participants before it can take place. In the case of a class being cancelled, participants will be informed via SMS, Email or phone call. The cancelled class will not be charged.

4) We commence and end our classes punctually. Should it unexpectedly come to delays due to fault of the trainer, the training time is extended to accommodate for the delayed start.

5) In case of delays resulting from class participants, the missed time cannot be made up. In the case of delays of more than 10 minutes by the class participants, participation due to increased risk of injury is no longer possible. Participants will be charged for this non-participation.

6) The training room is made available to all class participants approximately 5 minutes prior to the commencement of class so that training can commence stress free. 

7) Participants are obliged to independently inform themselves about our class offers. During holidays or illness training can be canceled without being rescheduled. In this case, class packages will be extended free of charge. If a class has to be canceled, this class course will not be charged.

9) All our trainers are qualified to teach Pilates and are obligated to undertake continuous professional development.

Fees and validity

10) Our prices are available on our website.

11) To participate in any of our classes, it is mandatory to book through our website. We have different class packages with variable validity. Our single class package is valid for 60 days after purchase. Dependent on the package chosen, our 5 class packages are valid from 14 to 60 days after first visited class. Dependent on the package chosen, our 10 class packages are valid from 30 to 90 days after first visited class and our 25 class package are valid for 180 days after first visited class. Our once off introductory offer is only available for new clients to Pilates am Zoo. Participants are only permitted to purchase our introductory offer once. This offer is non-transferable and is not refundable.


12) Payment is to be made via credit card. The necessary data is collected by Pilates am Zoo.  The processing of all payments is undertaken by the Paysafe Group. In the event of non-payment or unauthorized recall, costs of 20€ will be charged and invoiced.

13) Closed courses (Private Classes) are calculated separately according to duration, class type and participation number. In these closed events, appointments cannot be made up and expire from non-attendance.

Class registration and cancellation

14) Class registration can be undertaken online up until 90 minutes prior to the classes commencement time.

15) Cancellation of booked classes is subject to a deadline of 8 hours prior to the commencement of the scheduled class. A cancellation under 8 hours, including non-appearance will be considered as participation and therefore be charged the full amount.

Right of return and cancellation policy

16) In the case of a revocation from purchased classes, the statutory cancellation period of 14 days from the date of purchase applies. In case of cancellation, we charge a processing fee of 20 € for the reimbursement of this booking. This processing fee will be charged with the refund amount.

17) A revocation after the statutory revocation period of 14 days is no longer possible.

18) In exceptional circumstances (e.g. due to health reasons), training receipts can be transferred to another participant. For this a handling fee of 20€ will be invoiced.


19) All participants should wear clean, relatively close fitting clothes. Socks are mandatory for hygienic reasons and street shoes are not permitted to be worn in our Pilates room. Street shoes are to be removed prior to entering our Pilates room.

20) Creams, make-up, hair gel, etc. can potentially permanently stain our equipment. In order to protect our equipment, each participant is requested to bring their own towel.

21) For hygienic reasons, all participants are expected to clean their own equipment after their classes. Appropriate cleaning material is provided.


22) For safety reasons pregnant women are not permitted to attend our classes. After birth however, our workouts offer an ideal way to re-train the pelvic floor and to return back to ones previous level of fitness.

23) High Intensity Reformer Training (HIRT): Persons suffering from acute or chronic pain, metabolic bone disease (e.g. osteoporosis), cardiovascular disease or severe lung disease (e.g. angina pectoris, heart disease, TIA, emphysema) should not attend our HIRT classes. Participants who possess a below-average level of fitness are strongly advised to commence with our Dynamic Reformer Training. Dynamic Reformer Training (DRT): Persons suffering from acute or chronic pain, metabolic bone disease (eg osteoporosis), cardiovascular disease or severe lung disease (e.g. angina pectoris, heart disease, TIA, emphysema) should not attend our DRT classes.

24) If you are unsure, please contact us.


25) We assume no liability for private items or clothing belonging to participants our classes.

26) We emphasize that participation in classes is no substitute for medical treatment. By registering in our classes, each participant is confirming that they are healthy. Pregnancy must immediately be discreetly reported to our instructors as well as any illness, pain, dizziness, malaise etc.

27) The Pilates method is a holistic approach. The participant agrees to being touched during the classes when technique correction is deemed necessary.

28) Participants acknowledges a disclaimer of Pilates am Zoo -Jarrod Russell-, which excludes both property damage and personal injury. Each participant undertakes our classes on their own responsibility.

29) Participants are responsible for insuring themselves against accidents and injuries which may occur during our classes. This also applies for participant’s journey to and from our clinic location.

Privacy and security policy

30) We are obligated to keep all collected and personally identifiable information confidential for the purposes of data security. Only authorized employees, agents and contractors (who have agreed to keep information secure and confidential) have access to this information. Pilates am Zoo will never disclose or exchange your personal information to third parties, companies or organizations.

31) Participants agree that their required personal data will be collected and stored via our online appointment calendar (Mindbody).

32) Participants agree that their payments will be processed by the Paysafe Group.

33) Participants are obligated to maintain confidentiality with regard to any business and trade secrets, even beyond the termination of their participation in our classes.

34) Pilates am Zoo is obligated in relation to the participants training, to keep all participants information confidential, even beyond the termination of their participation in our classes.


35) Mobile phones are to be turned off or silenced during participation in our classes.

36) The change rooms are to be used when getting changed. The lockers are to be used to store unused clothing.

37) Pilates am Zoo and participants are obligated to never express any negative feelings about persons or services that may lead to damaging his/her reputation and image.